Light coil cleaning

For informational purposes only. *All coil cleaning should only be done by trained professionals*

Furnace Efficiencies & AC SEER ratings explained for Overland Park in Kansas City Area

Gas furnaces are given a percentage efficiency rating, this makes them straightforward to understand and calculate savings on. Understanding SEER ratings and savings SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. SEER can best be understood by comparing it to miles per gallon on a car, except SEER expresses the amount of cooling (BTU’s) per amount of … Read more

UVC virus killing lights

Little River Heat And Air is currently offering UV-C lights installed for the current bargain price of 375$. UV-C lights improve air quality by killing airborne germs, mold, and helping eliminate odors. I cannot find information online confirming that uvc light actually kills covid-19, but I have confirmation that it kills SARS, and other corona … Read more