UVC virus killing lights

Little River Heat And Air is currently offering UV-C lights installed for the current bargain price of 375$. UV-C lights improve air quality by killing airborne germs, mold, and helping eliminate odors. I cannot find information online confirming that uvc light actually kills covid-19, but I have confirmation that it kills SARS, and other corona viruses, and bacteria. UVC light is currently being used to sanitize hospital rooms, and N-95 masks in hospitals, so they can be re-used.

The blower on a central heat and air system typically takes around 10 minutes to circulate your home’s entire volume of air. Theoretically, this means that with a UVC light installed , you can turn your thermostat to fan only, for 10 minutes, to be assured of germ free air.

As more data becomes available, on the study of covid-19, I will post an update, if I find positive confirmation that it is killed by uvc. All I can say for sure, is that some hospitals are trusting it to sanitize their masks, after they are used around covid patients.

  * update:  I just found confirmation that UV-C light is effective against COVID-19. In a slight correction to what is stated above, without getting too technically deep, UV-C light alters COVID-19 in a way that makes it impossible for it to reproduce, or infect humans or animals.