Virus Killing UV-C Light Installation

Kansas City Virus Killing UV-C Light Installation

The HVAC unit is supposed to help keep the air clean and free of germs. But even with the filters installed, there is still a high chance that some bacteria and contaminants can seep through and cause issues for the building’s occupants. One way to lessen this risk is by using UV lights in your HVAC unit. 

Benefits of Installing UV Lights in Your HVAC

UV lights have a variety of uses, from drying paint and coatings to infection control, skin treatment, growing plants indoors and more. They can also be added to an HVAC unit to help clean your air. Here are some of the benefits of installing them in your HVAC unit:

They kill mold, viruses and bacteria inside your system: Since your HVAC takes in a lot of air that might have moisture, there are high chances that you will have mold and bacteria in the unit itself. UV lights are known to help eradicate mold spores, and are also used to kill bacteria that might accumulate in the unit. That means cleaner air comes out of your HVAC system because the system is itself cleaner.

UV kills bacteria in the air: A concentration of UV lights also kills bacteria that might be present in the air — not just the surfaces of your HVAC equipment. This is the main reason why hospitals and sterile areas install these lights in their HVAC units. In a time when keeping homes and businesses sanitized is a major issue, people are looking at how they can use UV to kill viruses and bacteria. Even though there has been no definitive confirmation that UV kills COVID, early results are promising.

How Businesses Are Using UV Lights in Their Business

The COVID-19 pandemic closed many businesses due to the fear that workplaces, retail establishments, restaurants and other businesses would be a point of contact where infections would easily spread. As businesses closed down in a bid to flatten the curve, many people started thinking about what they would do to ensure the rate of infection did not increase. Installing UV in their HVAC units is one of the steps many businesses have taken.

What Kinds of Microorganisms Does UV Light Kill?

With all this talk about staying sanitized and safe, people are trying to pass off UV sanitation as the answer to all our problems. Even though UV light is known to sterilize surfaces, it is important to note that not all UV lights are the same. The best UV rays for sterilization is UV-C, also known as germicidal UV. This is what scientists used to disinfect water, air, and surfaces. As such, you need to know which UV rays you are using.

UV light has been used for some time to kill drug-resistant bacteria — those “superbugs” like MRSA that don’t get killed by antibiotics. Now that more people are aware of the sterilization UV light offers for everything from surfaces to phones, it makes sense to put that technology to use to make your indoor air cleaner and healthier.  

Even after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, people will most likely continue to have a heightened awareness of the importance of a healthy indoor environment. Installing UV-C lights in your HVAC system is an effortless way to kill bacteria, mold and viruses that cause illnesses and allergies. Contact Little River Heat and Air today to find out more about our HVAC UV light installation services.